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620 W State St
Mertztown, PA 19539
(610) 972-0269


Landscape Designs

Installation & restoration
Perennial gardens
Cactus & southern gardens
Cut flower gardens
Herb gardens
Victorian gardens
Mediterranean gardens
Vegetable gardens
Orchard & berry gardens
Container gardens
Topiary & unique specimens gardens
Sand mound landscapes
Plant disease diagnosis & controls

Hardscape Designs
Slate or paver patios
Accent walls
Retaining walls

Water Gardens

Water garden designs
Pond & water feature installation
Water feature maintenance & troubleshooting
Land, water & easement right of way
     management & planting

Decorative Lighting

Landscape lighting
Holiday lighting
Exterior home lighting

Home & Farm Machinery Consulting

Used farm equipment sales & repairs
Old tractor restoration



Lawns & Erosion Control

Renovations & fertilization
New lawn installation
Soil testing
Controls (crabgrass, grubs, etc.)

Erosion control fabric
Installations of hydro seeding, conventional,
      sprigging and sodding

Home Renovations and Maintenance

Garage, basement, barn or
     shed organization
House remodeling
Bathroom and kitchen solid
     state surface fabrication
     & installation

Farm fence rows &
     woodland cleanup

Pasture management (horse & cattle)
Pasture renovations


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